In conclusion it is my hope that this book has taken the reader on a kind of journey, a journey through stories told by and about the Lone Star State. We have heard poignant stories about witnessing an execution, celebratory stories of heroic bravery in the face of certain death and proud stories about a state which continues to blaze a trail towards the future. Yet this book has also been a story in and of itself. It has been my story of Texas.

In Chap. 12, I quoted a statement made by Robert Perkinson. He writes that ‘in the realm of punishment, all roads lead to Texas ... Texas reigns supreme in the punishment industry’ (2010, p. 4). This is no doubt true, but after touring Lone Star punishment museums, after exploring the punishment dimensions of Texan nationhood narratives, and after spending some time in ‘Prison City’, I would suggest that punishment is as much a part of Texanicity as Texas is a part of the punishment industry. From listening to the insider stories Texas tells, from hearing the narratives of the collective, I would argue that not only does the state of Texas ‘reign supreme in the punishment industry’, the punishment industry also reigns supreme in the state of Texas.

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