Experiencing E-mediated Personalised Learning in Practice—A Teacher’s Insight

Abstract The term e-mediation has been defined earlier in this book. Our interest in this chapter is how the term is enacted in practice. Seale (2014) observes that much of the literature around e-mediated learning as accessible learning is written by those who do not have to enact these policies. If the twenty-first century requires a different type of schooling and if personalisation is about tailoring education to ensure that every pupil achieves the highest standard, then there must be ways for the relevant stakeholders to achieve this. These rules or guides to implementation are often implicated with other policies that either enable or trouble the process. E-mediated instruction has provided both the tools to achieve personalisation at the same time as slowing that implementation. What follows is a description of the technical rules of the current policy landscape as they play out in practice. The tone and tenor of the chapter change to first-person narrative so that the story of one writer’s experiences of personalisation can be told. For the remainder of the chapter, we move to the use of ‘I’ as one of us tells her personalisation narrative.

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