Economic Insights on Higher Education Policy in Ireland: Evidence from a Public System

Economics and Higher Education PolicyIntroductionThe Higher Education LandscapeInstitutional Background and Stylised FactsHigher Education FinancingPolicy ContextEconomics and Higher EducationAbout This BookAppendix: Higher Education Institutions in Ireland (with Abbreviations)NotesReferencesThe Economics of Higher Education ParticipationIntroductionHigher Education Participation in IrelandHigher Education Participation: Theory and EvidenceHuman Capital TheoryBeyond Human Capital TheoryEvidence from IrelandAn Economic Analysis of Higher Education Participation in IrelandProgression to Higher EducationUpper Secondary Education AttainmentConclusionNotesReferencesA Spatial Economic Perspective on Higher Education ChoicesIntroductionLocalism, Distance and Traces of Social ClassTransitions to Specific HEIs and Types of HEIsGeographic Inequalities in AccessibilityWhy Geography MattersConclusionNotesReferencesFactors Influencing Higher Education Institution ChoiceIntroductionLiteraturePeer, Sibling and Parent Influences on HEI ChoiceIntroductionDataEmpirical ApproachResultsStudent Preferences for HEI Attributes: A Discrete Choice ExperimentUsing DCEs to Examine Student Preferences for HEIsDCE DesignFindingsConclusionNotesReferencesIII Progression & OutcomesStudent Retention in Higher EducationIntroductionThe Higher Education SystemData, Methodology and Analytic StrategyResultsIntroductionCharacteristics of Students Who Do Not ProgressIndividual CharacteristicsCourse and InstitutionNon-Progression Across All InstitutionsDiscussionNotesReferencesAccess Programmes and Higher Education OutcomesIntroductionThe Role of University Access ProgrammesThe History of Access Programme Policy in IrelandAn Evaluation of the UCD 'New ERA' ProgrammeIntroductionData and ApproachData and Treatment GroupsEvaluation DesignControl GroupsResultsFurther DevelopmentsConclusionNotesReferencesOvereducation in the Irish Labour MarketIntroductionOvereducation: Theory and EvidenceExplanations for OvereducationOvereducation in Ireland: The Evidence to DateData and MethodsDataMethodsThe Incidence of Overeducation in IrelandDescriptive AnalysisMultivariate AnalysisConclusionAppendix: Variable DefinitionsReferencesIV Benefits & FinancingThe Economic Impact of Higher Education InstitutionsIntroductionMethodologyData and ParametersDataParametersResultsResults for the University SectorResults for the IT SectorNational and International ComparisonsConclusionReferencesThe Returns to Third Level EducationIntroductionApproaches to Estimating the Returns to Higher EducationThe Traditional ApproachAn Alternative ApproachThe Non-Pecuniary Returns to EducationData and MethodsEmpirical ResultsNet Private and Fiscal ReturnsHappiness and Health StatusConclusionNotesReferencesStudent Financing of Higher EducationIntroductionThe Rationale for Government Funding of Higher EducationOptions for Student Financing of Higher EducationIntroductionThe Rationale for Student LoansMortgage-Style LoansIncome Contingent LoansOther Financing AlternativesHigher Education Student Finance in IrelandAn Analysis of Alternative Financing Systems for IrelandConclusionNotesReferences
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