Inclusion of Horses and Child

The horse, like the dog in the previous commercial, elicits a warm, fuzzy feeling from the viewer. Again, there is a link to hippocampus memories. This item is included within the Prior Experience attribute.

Studies have also found that including a child, especially an infant, in an advertisement elicits positive perceptions of the product being advertised. Young children are generally perceived as harmless and helpless, needing others to care for them. The viewer lets out an expression of “awwww.” The child here, though, also represents the future; the family’s future on the ranch, re-enforced by the image at the end in which the child appears with the horse and parents, as well as humanity’s future.


The statement that fracking is safe for the water, land, and air appeals to the amygdala. That “the facts” point to its safety alleviates any concern about perceived danger from the amygdala. Through experiences with research and factual information, we are reassured. So, this also is part of Prior Experience.

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