Historical Strengths of District

The district has performed well academically at different periods of time. Prior to the most recent levy passage (about ten years prior) the district was struggling relative to state standardized test results. However, within three years of passing the levy, as mentioned above, it was rated “excellent.” Also, some graduates of the district have gone on to graduate from college and hold prestigious jobs. A 19th-century U.S. Supreme Court justice came from the district; a more recent graduate (1980s) is a district judge. Others have become physicians or attorneys.

The district generally has a very strong athletic presence in the county in which it competes. The football team has competed in the state playoffs several times in the past ten years, for example.

Promotional Materials Flyer

A flyer should contain reminders about the historical successes the district has had, including a reference to the previous levy passage and resulting impact on performance. It should also contain references to how student academic success impacts local businesses; many students work part time within the local business environment or may graduate and eventually be employed there; the customer experience is better when employees with which the public interacts are well educated. All of these points should attempt to show the direct and indirect value of a good education.

Images on the flyer should include the new high school as well as an older building that is falling into disrepair. These will help voters who are not as engaged with the buildings understand the need for the monies raised. It should also explicitly mention the success linked to the previous levy passage—engaging reward neurons.

Colors should be bright to elicit positive emotions; the image of the building that is in disrepair can be in black and white, re-enforcing the negative image.

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