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A short course of lectures
«The manager’s question and answer book»

How can I ensure that individuals hired fit into our corporate culture?What does it mean for an employee to be hired "at will"?When should I talk to employees in person, and when should I use written documents?What is progressive discipline?If I give my employees regular feedback about their work, why do I need to conduct formal evaluations?How can I get things back on track after I have an argument with an employee?Motivational ManagementWhy should team members be involved in the selection process?How can I balance the demands of the workplace with my family obligations and personal interests?How can pulling employees together into a team maintain productivity during tough economic times?How can I make traveling less stressful?What kind of handshake makes the best impression?What should I do to improve my relationships with my superiors?Can an employee assistance program (EAP) solve performance and discipline problems?Can I be sued for not firing some employees?How do I deliver really bad news?How can I ensure that ethics and integrity aren't just values listed on a sheet of paper?What constitutes a well-written job description?How can I better organize my workspace to maximize my productivity?When should I discuss money?How can I conduct an effective reference check?How can I tell the difference between personality conflicts and conflicts due to misunderstandings and true work-related problems?How can I counter erroneous rumors?What can I do to be a better evaluator?What can I do to address conflicts with other managers within my organization?How can I help employees cope with change that requires new skills and practices?How do I counsel employees for misconduct or rule violations?How can I improve my writing style?How can I motivate part-time workers and temps?What is the importance of body language in communication?Given the costs of recruitment, how do I reduce turnover?When should I seek help in resolving conflicts between my employees?How can I become better at making presentations?How do I create a culture of empowerment?As an attendee at a meeting, what can I do to make the meeting more productive?If my team develops action plans that could fail, what should I do?What if I don't feel right about terminating an employee?How can I reduce stress due to work?Do I have to suffer from all those interruptions during the day?How can I keep someone from dominating a team session?What is the best way of keeping a meeting from wandering off course?Why do most appraisal programs call for formal reviews during the year?How can I improve the quality of reports I write? I do project progress reports, variance reports, and proposals.What can I do to make sure my assessment is legally defensible?I've seen change inaugurated, then things return to before the change. How can I avoid slippage back into old ways?How do I decide between two good candidates?How can I ask questions to get the information I need to do my job?Do I need to document the termination meeting?Conflict ManagementIf I bring up a problem, what do I do or say if the employee becomes emotional?How can I minimize intrusions on my personal time?What do I say to the rest of my work group about termination of an employee in the group?If I have to lay people off to save money, how do I choose which ones to let go when none are problem performers?What kinds of notes should I be taking during an interview and how should I use them?Is there such a thing as "good" conflict and how can I take advantage of it?What do successful work teams have in common?How can I stimulate creative ideas?How can I deal with workaholism?What are the benefits of working with search firms?Change ManagementHow can I measure my acceptance of change?How can I build networking skills?How can I create a culture that will encourage flexibility and innovation?How can you motivate an employee who has reached the top of her salary range and is not qualified for promotion?How do I conduct an internal investigation?Why is termination sometimes a good thing for the employee being fired?How can I know when change is in the wind so that my department can prepare for it?How can I instill ownership to motivate employees?If the performance problem is due to a personal problem, how do I start talking about someone's personal life without appearing to be nosy or invading privacy?What can I do if I expect termination?One of my colleagues continually interrupts me. What can I do or say to end this?What mistakes do managers make that undermine team productivity?How can I eliminate procrastination?What do I do if I discover a project just won't work?How do I delegate tasks that I'm tempted to do myself?How do I keep control of a meeting?How can I recognize my hot buttons?How can I help my high achievers to feel uniquely valuable?How can I resolve conflicts within my team?What do I do if an employee becomes very emotional, or even threatening, when I terminate her?Would dating a colleague have a negative impact on my career?Is there any best way to conduct the year-end performance appraisal interview?How do I prevent disagreements from escalating into violent incidents?How can I motivate off site employees?How can I work with a group to reach consensus on an issue?How can I use the evaluation to set employee development plans for the next year?I worry that I won't be able to handle objections to a change in a staff meeting. What can I do to overcome objections in that situation?TeambuildingIs it always wrong to express my own anger?What are the most common errors managers make in performance appraisals?How can I encourage all to participate at a meeting?Communication ManagementIf I build a strong team, am I abdicating power or control?How do I determine what to do first?How can I build trust from the team?What do I do when an employee disagrees with something I have written on the performance appraisal? If I accept their argument, can I upgrade their assessment?How do I hire the best recruiting firm?How can involvement of the team in department goal setting and planning improve the likelihood of achieving the plans?How do I involve employees in change efforts without abdicating my own authority over the final decisions?How do I legally discuss accommodations with the applicant?How do I identify employees' needs to motivate them better?What are my responsibilities as team leader?What is termination for cause?How can I best deliver a sincere compliment when praising employees?How can I use small improvements to build on a major shift in operations?What alternatives do I have to termination?How can I manage the e-mail I receive?Is there a good balance between micromanagement and a hands-off approach to motivate employees?What are "stretch" goals?What should 1 do if I am caught in a personality conflict?How can I probe for an applicant's weaknesses?How can I effectively prescreen candidates?How important are the physical surroundings in motivating my employees?How do I coach an employee?How can I make new hires members of the team from their first day on the job?What can I do to motivate my average or mediocre performers?When and how should I notify all the other applicants that the job has been filled?What are the advantages of recruiting on the Web?What can I do to help a new hire succeed in the job from the first day?How should I best approach quarterly meetings?How can I start working from home?How do I conduct progressive discipline?What is the best way to conduct a termination meeting?Recruitment, Hiring, Orientation, and RetentionAre there legal implications in the performance appraisal process?What can I do to get my employees to think for themselves?How can I communicate more effectively with employees in remote locations?How can I counsel a poorly performing employee?How can I help employees with a personality conflict get along better?What is the 'halo effect'?How can I counteract the negativity of a few employees?Discipline and TerminationWhat can I do to get people to meetings on time?What criteria should be used in setting performance standards?How can I get my team through a period of change overload?How can I engage employees in this process?How do I choose members of a cross-functional team?How can I increase the number of prospective candidates available?What are my responsibilities as group leader?How do I create an atmosphere of openness and trust in my staff?How do I keep plateaued employees motivated?I seem to work from crisis to crisis. What am I doing wrong?How can I make a new hire's first day on the job productive?How can I best get my messages across?What non-financial rewards and recognition can I use to motivate my employees?How do you keep an employee who was passed over for a promotion motivated?How do I handle my boss if she is a bully?How wise is it to use competition among employees to motivate and encourage increased productivity?How can I best give directions to my employees?What if bad job performance is due to a physical problem?How do I go about mediating a dispute?How do I say "no" to an employee request?Life and Career SkillsHow can I encourage employees to use their initiative?What can I do to make help-wanted ads more effective?How do I handle a talented loner or non-team player on my team?What do I do if there are people on my staff adamantly opposed to the change?How can I adapt my employees' jobs to make the work itself motivating?How can I maximize the use of exit interviews?Meetings ManagementHow do I cope with someone who becomes angry with me and loses his or her temper before others?How can I skip meetings to get work done without getting flack from the meeting leader?Why should I build a sense of teamwork among my staff members?As a new supervisor, how do I build rapport with the informal group within the department?How can I respond to an angry employee?What can I do to improve decision making at a meeting?How can I become more effective as a negotiator?How can I make sure I hire the right person?Why do meetings start late, drag on forever, and fail to accomplish anything?What should I document as part of performance management?What do I do if I can't hire anyone from my group of winners?How should I respond when an employee says to me, That's not my job"?Performance ManagementHow can I counter groupthink?Should I include individual credibility as part of performance management?How can I be a change leader?How important is it for me to help employees find the work "fun"?What can I do to make a candidate feel more at ease?How can taking my employees away from the work environment enable me to build a sense of teamwork?How can I improve my listening ability?Why is it important to have diversity within my team?How can I encourage my employees to share their ideas or talk about problems with me?What are the key employment laws related to hiring?How can I better manage e-mail messages I send?How can I get employees to accept being evaluated?When should I hold meetings?How can I ensure that I get credit for the work I do?When I hear rumors that an employee is angry with me, how do I deal with him?What are the four stages of cross-functional teams?How do I keep enthusiasm high during tough economic times?What are "reasonable accommodations"?What can I do to get members to follow through after a meeting?How do I best use Web ads to recruit people?What are the ten most common interviewing questions that could cause legal problems?How do I get commitment to a change from my staff?How should I phrase a goal or standard?How can I present my ideas persuasively?How can I determine what the requirements are for the jobs I have to fill?How do I motivate my staff to see the opportunity that comes with change?How are employees demotivated?
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