Possible Cases to Use Within Instruction and Training

Consider scenarios you encounter with some regularity: children on fundraising efforts for a local school district or social organization (baked goods fundraisers or Girl Scout cookies, for example); receiving a promotional mailer/flier about a new product or sale at a local store;

automotive vehicle commercials. These can be used as scenarios/cases for analysis and development.

Why do I never feel compelled to purchase a magazine subscription from the high schooler trying to raise money for his or her school district while also trying to earn enough credit to go to Myrtle Beach for a week for free? Generally, how does such a person tend to approach the situation; what is their typical “pitch” and what is their tone of voice as they present it (hint: it is usually focused on “...and if I sell x subscriptions I can go to Myrtle Beach for free.”)? When do they present the list of magazines from which to choose and what does that list look like? How do they usually dress when they are on this mission? An activity could be to analyze this encounter using the model and, then, develop a better way for the high schooler to approach the situation using the model again.

One could ask students or trainees to evaluate a particular flier or print advertisement and then have the student/trainee develop a better product using the same medium/media. For example, what considerations may have affected the design of the provided product (e.g.: cost for color printing or particular demographic/psychographic attributes of targeted market)? A company may have used a social medium for a particular advertisement to reach a 20-35 demographic, recognizing that many people in that demographic use that tool; how could the advertisement have been improved within that same medium?

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