Complementary E-Value Elements for “Promotion”

  • - Connectivity: Use e-mail marketing that targets your sales promotion campaigns to repeat purchasers or consumers with promising lifetime value with your company. Monitor consumer blogs to be able to keep pace with consumer trends.
  • - Content: Provide consumer-generated or UGC platforms for consumers in your domain so that you can easily follow consumers. Closely follow people who are blogging about you and your products/brands in order to understand changing consumer language and identity and to be able to talk with consumers on an equal footing.
  • - Community: Utilize viral videos and create effective e-WOM before major campaigns.
  • - Commitment: Provide personalization for your consumers to eliminate the hassle of inputting credit card and personal information every time they purchase.

It is clear that the exploration of each new marketing value driver in today’s online markets is inescapable. Companies need to understand the changes in the traditional marketing-mix elements in order to complement the weakening functions of traditional marketing with new e-marketing value-creation tools (see Table 8.1).

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