The World within the group

NEW INTERNATIONAL LIBRARY OF GROUP ANALYSIS FOREWORDPREFACEONE. Working intersubjectively: theory and therapyClassical theoryThe archaeology metaphorThe resisting patientThe surgical metaphorOn history and the psychoanalytic movementSummaryTherapy implicationsA changing view of interpretationFrom analyst to conductorThe transference: an intersubjectivist viewThe irreducible subjectivity of the therapistMetaphors for unconscious life: house, home, trafficConclusionTWO. Personal horizons, unformulated experience, and group analysisThe concept of horizonThe horizontal in group analysisVignette oneSheila and Andrea: organising world views?Theoretical reflectionsAndrea: not enough lightSheila: being a nonentity in a world of peopleThe therapist's horizons"You're not finished yet": the role of unformulated experienceMoving horizons: therapeutic changeVignette twoVignette threeCircles of the unsaidConclusionTHREE. Perspectivism, pragmatism, group analysisNietzsche's perspectivismThe marketplace of meaningLife as literature: human beings as creativeDewey's pragmatismPrincipled, reflective inquiryPhilosophy as equipment for livingPerpsectivism and pragmatismPerspectivism and pragmatism in therapeutic work Vignette: a team in trouble?DiscussionVignette: a therapy groupDiscussionGroup analysis: a multi-lateral realityFOUR. The articulated space of social unconsciousnessSocial unconscious as imaginaryBetween abjection and idealsFlesh, sex, and gender in early modern times— examples from historyDangerous bodies, lustful women, witchesDutiful wives, ordained rolesConclusionFIVE. Reforming subjectivity: personal, familial, and group implications of English reformationThe Protestantisation of the socialDialogue of difference between son and motherFamily life during troubled timesGroup change within a town: from Dorchester to HeavenSamuel Ward: Puritan diaristConclusionSIX. An exclusionary matrix: degenerates, addicts, homosexualsAn exclusionary matrixDegenerates and dangerous classesAlcoholics and addictsHomosexualsConclusionSEVEN. A modern monster? The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr. HydeMonstrosity: "to think of this creature ..."SexualitiesMentalitiesChemical usesConclusionEIGHT. "And thereby hangs a tale": narrative dimensions of human lifeA tale of minor heroismWhat is good narrative?Disordered narrativeNever on your own: parable of the "first word"Conclusion: bringing the narrative to the group analyticNINE. Group analysis in contemporary societyGroup analysis—democracy in practice?Prakesh and Andrea: group lifeReflectionsTherapy for the life-cycle: an older adultGrace's lifeReflectionsThe articulation of identity politics: "carers"The relatives groupReflectionsGroup analysis: values with which to explore values?Clinical reflections: a synthesisReflectionsAporias of group analysisConclusionPOSTSCRIPTGLOSSARY
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