Institutional and Policy Support for Tourism Social Entrepreneurship

Dianne Dredge

Abstract There is no question that poverty, social and economic marginalization are contributing to a growing gap between rich and poor, and that international agencies, governments and the private sector have failed to substantially address these issues. The aim of this chapter is to examine the characteristics of supportive institutional and policy environments for tourism social entrepreneurship. It argues that governments can contribute in two broad ways to creating the conditions for tourism social entrepreneurship to flourish: they can develop policies that support and encourage the development and operation of social enterprises as part of an inclusive and sustainable tourism system, and they can assist in the creation of institutional conditions that encourage, legitimize and synergize social entrepreneurship. The chapter offers concrete considerations for policy makers in terms of making institutional and policy changes, but at the same time seeks not to take a normative stance with respect to giving particular directives.

Keywords Policy • Social entrepreneurship • Governance • Critical tourism policy • Institutional arrangements

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