Developing Social Entrepreneurship

Developing social entrepreneurship is the model’s final step. Rather than charity, developing entrepreneurs with social values helps the community build capacity and gives villagers self-esteem (Frances & Cuskelly, 2008; Lupton, 2011). BEST tackles these goals with myriad initiatives, as always, based on community consensus towards successful execution.

BEST works with the community to develop social entrepreneurship ideas, and identify funding sources for implementing these ideas such as organic farming, virgin coconut oil and the Bavanggazo Longhouse. The prior three steps, community consensus, interrupting dependency, and capacity building are fundamental for success, such as BEST offering seminars on processing virgin coconut oil and financial management. To develop social entrepreneurship further, BEST recently set up the BEST Community Fund with USD 66,000 to provide interest free loans for the Kiau community to co-finance USD 45,000 to complete the Camp Lemaing project.

The BEST principals, Borneo Eco Tours (BET) and Sukau Rainforest Lodge (SRL), also support local entrepreneurs. BET and SRL usually purchase from local boat builders and prawn fishermen, and educate them on sustainable practices. Homestays in Papar, Bavanggazo Longhouse and recently Mantob, are three products that BET markets. In line with education and capacity building, BEST works with these hospitality enterprises to upgrade their facilities and services towards higher standards.

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