Society/Cultural Goal: Protecting Cultural Identity, Rediscovering Lore and Customs

Interview results reveal that the business owners view the protection and management of lore and custom to be a major focus of the enterprise.

.. .Our lore and custom is at risk, our language, our community... our flora and fauna and land is at risk. All of those things.. .it goes right back to how people are connected to the land in a tribal way and it’s something that we want to carry on. We’ve seen an opportunity when we’ve got land that we can start pulling something together. Start consolidating our lore and custom ... and the opportunity is here (P. Wallace, personal communication, 2013).

This consolidation is achieved to a certain extent through the tourism enterprise, as culture is communicated to tourists. However, the aims of the business owners are broader than just providing cultural education experiences to tourists. They also seek to improve knowledge of lore and custom throughout the wider Nyungkal community, through the camps described above, as well as holding language classes and creating a database of traditional ecological and cultural knowledge. These diverse projects have meant that the business owners have frequently lacked adequate time or resources to see all projects through to completion.

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