Modeling and Optimization for Mobile Social Networks

Overview of MSNsMobile Social NetworksArchitecture of MSNsAccess to MSNsApplications in MSNsMultimedia ServicesHeathcare ServicesSecurity ServicesResearch Issues in MSNsCommunity DetectionContent DistributionMobilityPrivacySecurityModeling and Optimization for MSNsAim of the MonographReferencesModeling of Epidemic Information Dissemination for MSNsInformation Dissemination in MSNsRelated WorkEpidemic Information Dissemination ModelGeneral Information Dissemination ModelSystem ModelMSN-Based Social GraphOpportunistic LinksInformation Transmission MechanismProposed Analytical Scheme for Information DisseminationPerformance EvaluationSimulation SetupModel ValidationTime Evolutions of NodesPerformance of Information DisseminationEffects of Spreading Parameter and Immune ParameterEffects of Node DegreeEffects of MSN-Based Social GraphSummaryReferencesModeling of Selfishness-Aware Incentive for MSNsSelfishness-Aware Incentive in MSNsRelated WorkSystem ModelSocial NetworkMobility ModelNode SelfishnessProposed Model with a Novel Selfishness DivisionPerformance EvaluationSimulation SetupEffect of Weak SelfishnessEffect of Extreme SelfishnessSummaryReferencesOptimal Relay Services for MSNsRelay Services in MSNsRelated WorkSystem ModelNetwork ModelNode ModelBundle ModelDesign GoalsRelay Service SchemeNode StatusNode SelectionBargain GameBundle Delivery FrameworkPerformance EvaluationsSimulation SetupPerformance ComparisonSummaryReferencesOptimal Cloud Resource Allocation for MSNsCloud Resource Allocation in MSNsRelated WorkMultimedia Social Networks with Mobile UsersResource Allocation with Media CloudSystem ModelSystem ModelQoE ModelDesign GoalsProblem FormulationResource Allocation FrameworkUtility FunctionsFour Stage Stackelberg GameAnalysis of the Proposed Four Stage GameEvolution Game Among Users in Stage IVNon-cooperative Game Among Brokers in Stage II and Stage IIIStrategy of Media Cloud in Stage IAlgorithm Design for Scheme ImplementationPerformance EvaluationSimulation SetupNumerical ResultsSummaryReferencesOptimization of Heterogeneous MSN ArchitectureNetwork Architecture for Heterogeneous MSNsMobile Content DeliveryRequirement of Mobile CommunicationAdvance of Network Architecture for Mobile Social ContentsChallenges in Mobile Content Delivery in MSNsContent Centric Mobile Social NetworksContent Centric NetworksContent Centric Mobile Social NetworksArchitecture of Content Centric Mobile Content DeliveryNetwork ArchitectureProcess of Mobile Interest and Content DeliveryCaching for a Content Store in a CCN Node in a Small CellPerformance EvaluationSummaryReferencesConclusionsFuture Research DirectionsBig Data and MSNsIoTs and MSNsContent Centric MSNsEmerging Applications in MSNsReferences
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