Applications in MSNs

There have been many applications to provide various services to mobile social uses with MSNs. We discuss several applications in the following subsections, i.e., multimedia services, healthcare services, and security services.

Multimedia Services

Multimedia has become object-oriented and content-driven applications with user cooperation in recent years. According to the statistics in 2012, in every minute per day, there are 100,000 tweets posted; 48 h of videos in total updated on Youtube with 2,800,000 views, 685,000 pieces of contents shared on Facebook; and 2,000,000 queries searched on Google. The combination of MSNs and multimedia services has significantly changed users life styles, and fostered a value-added research direction of the multimedia-oriented mobile social network (M-MSN). However, the multimedia-oriented MSNs have also brought great challenges to wireless communication. To satisfy the increasing user demands, a universal and almighty platform for multimedia services is needed.

To maintain the huge traffic amount with satisfied QoE, as shown in Fig. 1.4, MSNs allow content sharing through user cooperation through short-range communication, which can greatly reduce the traffic burden of conventional wireless network infrastructures. Moreover, with the connects between users and service provider in a mobile environment, ubiquitous multimedia services can also be facilitated.

In the emerging M-MSN, up-to-date contents are provided for users from a centralized server and local contents are directly shared by their friends nearby [14]. Especially, with regard to the multimedia contents that users have interest, they can be directly selected and downloaded from the centralized servers via the Internet. For local contents, they could be spread to mobile users in a distributed fashion by local service providers [15, 16]. And a group of users in a same social community can form an opportunistic network to share personalized contents via peer-to-peer communication.

Multimedia-oriented mobile social network

Fig. 1.4 Multimedia-oriented mobile social network

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