Modeling and Optimization for MSNs

To address the aforementioned issues, massive efforts of modeling and optimization in MSNs are also needed. As one of the complex networks, MSNs consist of both centralized networks and distributed networks, resulting in complicated and dynamic network features and structures. The relationships in MSNs need to be modeled, from the perspectives of users, communities, and content providers. The abstractions of network parameters are considered as variables to show the social features of MSNs.

With the evolution of new mobile applications, the performance of existing MSNs need to be improved to satisfy the needs of mobile users. Optimizations with models can be used to maximize a certain output to improve the performance of MSNs. Especially, due to the dynamic network topology and limited resources, the modeling and optimization are needed for MSNs to regarding the efficiency of epidemic information dissemination, the cooperation degree of selfish-aware incentive mechanism, the selection of relay services, the profit of resource allocation, and the heterogeneous network architecture in MSNs.

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