Optimal Cloud Resource Allocation for MSNs

In this chapter, we study the optimization for cloud resource allocation in MSNs to provide mobile social services with high capacity and low latency. Here, the media cloud means the cloud which can provide users with resources such as media processing or storage to process media tasks. For example, some complicated computation or large-sized content storage may need a large amount of resources which take a big burden for users. The media cloud performs these computation or storage at the side of media cloud, where the required resource at the side of users can be reduced. Specifically, the media cloud sells cloud resources to brokers to obtain revenue. The brokers employ the cloud resource to process media tasks for users. Users determine their brokers to connect to obtain cloud service according to the competition with each other. To model the interactions among media cloud, brokers, and users on cloud resource, the resource allocation problem is formulated by a four-stage Stack- elberg game. In addition, an iteration algorithm is proposed to obtain the Stackelberg equilibrium.

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