Related Work

Multimedia Social Networks with Mobile Users

Recently, there has been an increasing interest in studying models and schemes for multimedia social network with mobile users. Chang et al. [20] present a general architecture of MSNs where the major components are client devices, wireless access network, and server, to increase the social connection and improve the quality of social service. Wu and Yang [21] design a novel routing scheme by considering the internal social features of nodes, including both social feature extraction and multipath routing. Wang et al. [22] present a cloud-based multicast scheme in MSNs, where the message forwarding strategy is based on a metric iteratively refined from the feedback control mechanism. Lu et al. [23] design a community based distributed set- cover algorithm to identify the users who have the maximum influence on information diffusion in MSNs.

Li et al. [24] propose a novel data forwarding approach with a space-crossing community detection method to improve the data forwarding efficiency in MSNs. Yin et al. [25] propose a photography model to assist mobile users for capturing high quality photos with mobile devices and crowd sourced social media [26]. Wang et al. [27] propose a novel mobile streaming framework with two main parts: adaptive mobile video streaming and efficient social video sharing. Xu et al. [28] develop an analytical model to mimic information dissemination among users. By introducing pre-immunity and immunity elements, the proposed model can show the change of mobile nodes’ interests during information dissemination efficiently. Although these works have studied several aspects of multimedia social networks with mobile users, the details on resource allocation problem with media cloud have not been given.

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