IoTs and MSNs

The number of mobile devices has been larger than the world population since 2014. Internet of things (IoTs) [3] make users, data and devices being linked with each other. The integration of MSNs with the IoTs results in the mobile social internet of things (MSIoTs), as more and more users can take mobile devices to exchange data in IoTs. Based on the social tie of their owners, the devices in MSIoTs can establish social relationships in an autonomous way.

The MSIoTs connect objects of the physical world with users. Without a central controller. The MSIoTs can bring new possibilities for data delivery in a predominantly self-organized way. For example, the driving car in the street can search information and acquire data not only from Internet, but also from other driving cars, passengers, and nearby mobile devices.

Instead of working as an independent unit, multiple devices may work cooperatively based on their social relationships to execute a task. For example, when a group of vehicles with sensors work together to collect data in an urban area, the social relationship among vehicles should be studied according to their drivers’, in order to determine the optimal route, motorcade and velocity. The integration of MSNs with IoTs has a big potential in both academic and industry.

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