Emerging Applications in MSNs

Many MSN applications are expected to emerge in the future. Recently, mobile- assisted learning [6] has been realized by using the blackboard mobile tools consisting of Apple and Android devices. By incorporating mobile networks in the teaching system, mobile-assisted learning can provide students with a novel social- based learning platform, and encourage collaboration and discussions. To make the efficient education, mobile-assisted learning needs the optimal analysis based on the properties of learners in MSNs. For example, the optimal community construction to make learning group by considering the student’s score, interest, motivation, etc.

MSNs can also be considered as user-centric networks to support various services for users. For example, the MSNs can be applied to healthcare support. The physical condition of patients can be monitored by smart mobile, which can deliver the health report to family or hospital. There are also some other applications such as providing game services for users. After downloading the game applications, a group of users can play game in a distributed mode. They can form the MSNs through device-to- device (D2D) connection without a base station. It can be predicted that more and more applications with MSNs will emerge in the future.

In conclusion, we hope this monograph sheds more light on the importance of modeling and optimization for MSNs, which still requires further research effort along the emerging line.

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