Focus and Structure of the Book

The focus of this book is by necessity eclectic. Food security is a very broad and complex concept and globalisation increases immensely its complexity. Further, food security is a dynamic concept which has changed over the past 50 years and requests new approaches and, hence, new analytical tools. The role of investment and financing, of risk mitigation as well as of other dimensions of food security in generating sustainable food security strategies and the evolution of production paradigms embracing green growth are important concerns of analysts and policy makers alike.

Thus, the nexus of food security, sustainability and globalisation establishes a new perspective in the long-standing issue of food security (OECD 2014). This new perspective should take into account complicated GVCs, responsible investment, green growth strategies, financial innovation, gender issues, agro-food supply chain dynamics, recent advances in consumer behaviour and climate change (Oman et al. 1989, Paarlber 2002, and Hallam 2011). It would be impossible to deal with all these issues in the context of this book. Thus, the objective of this book is to discuss a few of the dimensions of food security within the new global environment created by the changing socio-economic conditions.

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