New Urban Integrated Development in KLCC International Zone

An Analysis Study of Troika Residence

The vision for Kuala Lumpur Structure Plan 2020 is to transform the traditional city of Kuala Lumpur into A World Class City. Part of its development strategies that highly need to be considered is creating the KLCC inner city into a living environment that promises business and working environments with international standard of commercial and financial entertainment centre, a self-contained city complete with medium to high end residential zone (CHKL 2004). This mission is meant to attract the highest qualified expertise from both local and international citizens, to live and work in the city and to bring in the World Class City activities of international relevance and appeal to incorporating attractive living environment with high-quality facilities.

In Malaysia, people are now beginning to realise the advantages of sustainable building and are now moving towards better and more responsible development. Study on Sustainable Concept Awareness in Malaysia by Nazirah and Aini (2013) showed the active promotion of sustainable development by the government, nongovernmental organisations and education institutions in the past 5 years has shown some encouraging progress in this field.

The above factors have influenced the emergence of innovative high technology building designs with latest inventions in this exclusive zone of Kuala Lumpur. Special effort has been put into each development to address the public demand and the development requirement for this new urban integrated zone (Fig. 1.11). Troika Residence is one of them, a mixed-use development of high luxury residence which was designed by Foster and Partner.

The Troika development scheme was commissioned to be managed by Foster and Partner in collaboration with GDP Architect as a co-architect in 2004 by the developer, Bandar Raya Developments Berhad (BRDB) (e-Architecture 2015). The choice of Foster+partner could effectively lead the branding of this BRDB residential scheme globally. The popularity of Foster+partner’s name should endorse the image of a world class product which was not only well known as a market leader in terms of design, pricing and prestige but more of trust in bringing up the status of KLCC International Zone in achieving its goal of providing a world class high end quality residence with new style of urban living

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