Water Usage

One Bryant Park collects every drop of rainwater that falls on its site, nearly 48 in. per year. A series of collection tanks distributed throughout the floors can store over 329,000 gal of water that is used for irrigating plants and flushing the building’s toilets. But it does not end there. Gray water treatment on the site takes water from the building and treats it for use in the cooling towers that returns water back to the atmosphere in the form of vapor—essentially completing a cycle back to nature. Water consumption is reduced in half, by employing low-flow lavatory sinks and waterless urinals.

The environmental features of this building include automated shading and perimeter daylight dimming, under floor air distribution systems, ice storage, and cooling tower optimization (Fig. 7.17).


The buildings also move toward a decentralized power grid. One Bryant Park has a 4.6-MW natural gas-fired cogeneration plant providing two thirds of the buildings’ electrical demand and is expected to reach 77 % efficiency (zero transmission) (Fig. 7.18).

Degeneration diagram, © M. Keramati

Fig. 7.18 Degeneration diagram, © M. Keramati

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