Selection of Buildings

The strategy to select buildings was to involve property owners who had thoughts on renovating their buildings and at the same time make these more energy efficient. News about the project and the search of property owners was communicated by means of the local radio, newspapers, and the Internet. Interested owners were informed that there were some mandatory lectures on energy performance, meetings, ambitions, and planning of building inspections and outcomes. This was the only commitment that owners had. Property janitors/managers also participated in lectures and meetings. Lectures on know-how and best practice were presented by involved personnel working within this project together with invited best practice experts and companies that offer energy-saving services and products.

Initially, the plan was to have at least one participating building per municipality of totally ten. However, there were no interested/qualified stakeholders in two of the municipalities. Therefore, three municipalities have two buildings thus amounting to a total of 11 buildings. Among the candidate buildings, the choices were based on obtaining a wide variety in terms of types of ownership, localization, building size and frame, type of ventilation and heating system, age and degree of listing (heritage protection). The choices did not reflect on representing the regional stock (which for example has a share of heating by 92 % with district heating).

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