Introduction on the Selected Case Study

The Hilton Ramses building was chosen to be the case study. It is designed by Warner Ton Bond office in partnership with Architect Ali Nassar. Hilton Ramses hotel is located in Cairo’s city center; the site is surrounded by Abd El-Meniem Riyad square, Corniche El-Nile Street, 6th of October Bridge and overlooking the Nile-River (Fig. 9.30).

The Hilton Ramses High-Rise

The building was built in 1980, a modern style building. It is ranked the 13th highest building in Egypt at a height of II 0 m (Fig. 9.6). It consists of 35 floors of which five floors contain the entrance and services facilities such as restaurants, multipurpose rooms, and kitchens. These floors occupy 17,884 m2 (about 24.3 %) whereas the other 30 floors form typical hotel floors at different settings (single and double rooms, and suites). Each floor is composed of 24 rooms and six suites occupying approximately 55,799 m2 forming almost 76 % of the total building area as shown in Fig. 9.31.

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