Case Study: A High-Rise Building in the Mediterranean: La Illa de la Llum

The building presented combines the presence of shading devices with the creation of intermediate spaces all in a high-rise building right on the coast in the city of Barcelona.

Intermediate spaces with shading devices

Fig. 10.5 Intermediate spaces with shading devices

The Illa de la Llum is a residential complex located in the city district ofDiagonal Mar. This city district began as a consequence of the administration’s desire to provide continuity to the city right up to the sea, accompanying one of its main arteries, Avinguda Diagonal. Practically contemporary and neighbour to the Forum area that in 2004 was home to the Cultural Forum, it is made up of residential complexes such as the Illa del Bosc by Tusquets, Diaz y Asociados; the Illa del Cel by Alonso y Balaguer Arquitectos with Carlos Ferrater; the Illa del Mar by the Oficina de Projectes Integrals with Munoz and Albin; the Illa del Llac by BST and KM+P with Tusquets, Diaz y Asociados; and the building that concerns us: the Illa de la Llum by Lluis Clotet and Ignacio Paricio architects. They are all organised around a large park by the architects EMBT Miralles Tagliabue.

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