Climate Change Adaptation in Pacific Countries: Fostering Resilience Through Gender Equality

Cecilia Aipira, Allanah Kidd and Kate Morioka


This paper presents findings from research undertaken by United Nations (UN) Women in 2015 to explore the interlinkages between gender and climate change across the Pacific region. The purpose of the study was to provide evidence-based information on the gender impacts of climate change and disasters, to identify how gender inequalities can be addressed through climate change adaptation (CCA), and how women’s empowerment can be strengthened to improve the effectiveness of CCA activities in Pacific Island countries (PICs).

The study assessed five spheres of influence: policy; institutional frameworks; implementation and practice; knowledge and data; and participation and leadership (Fig. 13.1). In each area, the extent to which gender equality aspects have been integrated in climate change activities in the Pacific was analysed, and best practice examples were gathered from the field to inform more effective CCA in the future.

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