Main Components of the Database Framework High-Resolution Climate and Impact Data

A core component of the database includes a compilation of available, regionally specific biophysical climate and impact data projections. As outlined in the previous sections, especially projections of regionalised biophysical impacts, such as agricultural yields or water availability, remain limited for island regions. This database component will evaluate existing studies and modelling approaches to understand the current state of knowledge and inform the modelling community about the most urgent needs in this regard. Robust knowledge of the likely range of expected biophysical developments is essential to inform effective adaptation and as a basis to assess the vulnerability of sectors and population groups.

Socio-economic Data, Livelihood Profiles

In addition to the biophysical data, a focus of the database framework lies also on the human side of climate change impacts and the consequent needs and options for adaptation. Two main components are included to understand the landscape of vulnerability: on the one hand, available socio-economic data is compiled from a variety of sources to identify priority sectors and thematic areas in the regional context. On the other hand, based on research conducted in the context of the overarching research project, a typology of livelihood profiles will be developed jointly by all regional project partners, to understand the livelihood-specific impact pathways and consequent targeted adaptation needs.

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