Course Structure

A course on EE tailor made for energy professionals needs to disseminate both practical and theoretical knowledge. Nonetheless, teachers have more available expertise and knowledge on theoretical work and therefore, curriculum developed by teachers is focussed more on their available expertise. Hence, this ends up with a mismatch between the knowledge disseminated by teachers and the skills required by learners. Consequently, students are not provided with the knowledge they need and the areas of expertise of students are given undue importance. Therefore, the aims and objectives of EE education to energy practitioners are not basically met. Students lose interest in the subject which returns us back to square one.

Unavailability of Books and Learning Materials

A cursory search on the internet revealed that learning materials on EE is restricted mostly to theoretical and mundane matters. For example, the benefits of adopting energy efficiency in household or industrial scale, the barriers for widespread EE adoption and success-stories of EE policies implemented—among other findings on the internet. However, such sources do not actually share the technicalities, mathematical and economics level calculations that is required for learners to learn and apply. Besides, a lack of good quality textbooks and other learning materials is a significant bottleneck to disseminate knowledge and to fulfil the training needs of learners.

The Need for Competent Teachers/Trainers

Teachers should effectively be well trained and prepared to disseminate EE knowledge. In this context, regular short courses should be organised for teachers to be involved in EE education. Incentives should be given to teachers of the tertiary level to conduct research on innovative EE techniques. This can help to motivate teachers on the topics of EE and DSM where he can bring more up-to-date information in the course. Teachers should have the opportunities to participate in local and international seminars on EE and to bring home a broader experience.

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