Job Market, Generations, and Talents

Sandra Araujo and Sara Oliveira

Abstract We focused our approach on the crosscutting of three variables, job market, generations, and talents. We explore how fast the technological evolution, fueled by the big data and artificial intelligence, is already revolutionizing the law of supply and demand of talent, condemning to failure some tasks or jobs as we know them today and rising others. This technological impulse will imply changes in the management of human capital, so it is necessary to understand the contexts that shaped the present generations in the job market so that the two variables of the equation can be understood. In what it comes to the emergence of talent, we explore the critical skills of a volatile job market and reflect on the expectations that new generations have about it.


In this chapter written by four hands representative of two different generations, we share a reflection on the future challenges of managing people in an environment of great complexity, especially due to the variables present in the equation: volatile job market, five generations coexisting in the same organizational environment and the need to align talent with the emerging changes.

Without any ambition of technical perfection or to assume incontestable truths, especially because we are human resources professionals who are faced on a daily basis with numerous challenges in terms of managing people in our wide range of customers, the aim of the present work was to provide some reflections on the existing mismatch between what organizations are seeking in their employees so that they can be able to adjust to this change spiral that we are facing and, on the other hand, what these employees expect from the organizations they are working in.

S. Araujo (H) • S. Oliveira

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C. Machado (ed.), Competencies and (Global) Talent Management,

Management and Industrial Engineering, DOI 10.1007/978-3-319-53400-8_5

Perfectly aware of this reality, we are being forced to rethink our role, our skills, and our future actions because it will be required from us the abilities to transform the trends of the external environment and the expectations of internal stakeholders in internal actions. Considering this premise, we will first advance with an approach to the volatility of the job market, followed by the need to transform the human capital in the organization’s success key. Such an assumption would be meaningless if we do not know the characteristics of the generations in the job market, once we must respect the past inheritances and their impacts in the future.

It is also very important to know what skills the future will require from the professionals of today and tomorrow, so we will explore the skills that the job market will increasingly value while searching for talent. Finally, we will portray what the future generations most value, once we will have to focus both on the business outcomes and on the human development. To do so, it is very important to analyze the individual and organizational abilities.

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