The Company’s Main Talent Management Challenges

The big obstacle assumed by the Head of Talent to the talent management strategy’s implementation is the huge dimension of the company. According to her, “plural mindsets impact on information systems and constrain the implementation of inclusive, concerted and unique models, however, that is easy to overcome.” Additionally, some challenges were diagnosed on the implementation of the talent management strategy related to get a good balance between the following:

  • (1) Internal talent versus external talent;
  • (2) Individual work versus teamwork; and
  • (3) Young employees versus older employees: generation gap and diversity management.

All of these challenges are key issues for the company. There is a clear strategic focus on in-house development, but sometimes, the company feels the need of external recruitment. The company manages to balance internal talent and external talent as well as assures the mobility between different areas or businesses. Many times, the need of external recruitment comes from the special requirements of new business areas.

With regard to the individual work vs teamwork, the Head of Talent was emphatic “Success comes from the accomplishment of teams.” For the company, the teamwork is a core issue to the achievements of goals. However, good teams always have individual talents.

Change demographics and generation gap are part of international agenda. The company has recently made a diagnosis and is working on the necessary adjustments in order to get generation equality.

In Portugal as well in all developed nations, we have an aging population and, consequently, an increase in the retirement age. The company has been assessing the developments in this situation and has been designing an action plan. This action plan focuses on the alignment, optimization, and adjustment of all talent methodologies, ensuring maximum benefit of different generations.

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