Bawana Resettlement JJ Colony

Bawana is one of the resettlement colonies which is situated in the North West of Delhi near the Haryana border. This resettlement colony was developed in 2004, when number of slum dwellers had been relocated from Yamuna Pushta, Pitam Pura, Punjabi Bagh, Vaishali Chowk, etc.

‘Unheard Voices’: Reflections from the Field Area

How do you feel when you were asked to demolish your 20 year old home? The home where I came as a bride, given birth to all my six children, brought them up as a good human being. But, everything, everything was shattered, and finished, in just few hours. They came, broke each and everything of my home, and broke my husband investments.

I was helpless, everybody was crying, weeping like we all were children. But nobody listened to us. What would a mother do if her 16 years old daughter would be raped? What was her fault? (In tears) She went to the field to rest herself but she came and carried herself with all the humiliations, embarrassment, and shame, which she was not able to leave behind. You are asking me that how I am feeling in the Resettlement colony. This is what a resettlement is, where a poor is thrown to the out skirts of the city and losses his/her job, and enjoys in 12.5 km2 plot. (Sameena, Housewife Bawana Resettlement JJ colony)

It is too early to give a generalized view about the resettlement colonies by reading the above narration, but some where it is providing an insight about a woman who had come to Pushta as a bride, but after moving to a new house she has had not only lost her 20-year-old home but she has lost her dignity, respect which she had maintained from last 20 years. The whole narration also gives an insight about her understanding on resettlement colonies, the way she relates her safety, comfort environment which she felt in Yamuna Pushta. She had tried to relate her husband disease, daughter rape, loss of job and investments to Bawana JJ colony. When her daughter was raped nobody listened to her and she could not raised her voice because she is a poor woman and in contrary the powerful people have a right to deliver injustice to the voiceless people without getting and expecting any reactions from the poor.

The field work was done by focusing on some of the important issues which were emerged during the interactions with the respondents. The issues which were revealed by them during the whole research process is given below in the form of pictorial representation (Fig. 1).

But in this paper, the researcher has specifically disused about the issue of livelihood and issue of health care (All the issues have been supplemented with the help of narratives of the respondents and their analysis).

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