Changing Health Care Dynamics: Corporatization and Medical Tourism in National Capital Region

Sunita Reddy

Abstract This paper analyzes the changing landscape of health care in Delhi and National Capital Region (NCR), post independence. How the landscape changed from public service-oriented health care provisioning to privatized and corporatized health care, thanks to liberalization and health sector reforms. The paper further looks at the growth of the corporate sector from critical public health perspective. Based on the secondary sources of literature, health policies and program documents, the paper traces out the growth of private/corporate sector, which has led to marginalization of the poor and dichotomous health care provisioning. Ill equipped, overburdened public hospital services for the poor and state of art, accredited, posh corporate health care sector for the rich, insured and foreign patients, under the captivating term “Medical Tourism.”

Keywords Medical tourism Privatization Corporate hospitals Health care Mega cities

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