Problems in Using Public Health Services

The children face lot of hindrances in accessing public health services as:

a. OPD will take at least 2-3 h and they have to wait in long queue. Moreover, they need some address to get the OPD card. So, they will not go to the OPD. Emergency care is only for accident cases, sudden acute pain, vomiting, respiratory problem, etc. If they go for minor illness they will send them back and refer them to OPD. So, only for the major ailments they go the hospital.

b. Hospitals will not provide all the medicines. Sometimes doctors prescribe medicine outside and they have to purchase medicine paying from their own pocket. So, they feel anyway we are purchasing the medicine from outside then why take pain to go to hospital.

c. Some children feel they have not received good treatment from public hospital. As, even after medication they do not get well soon.

d. Mostly they do not complete the full course of treatment, as they have to purchase medicines from outside medical shop. It scares them to meet the doctor again, if they have recurring problem.

They are very scared to move out of their locality as it may invite them lot of problem. Moreover, they were very scared to meet the doctor and other government officials. Most of the children felt that doctors wanted to avoid them; so they were asking them to shuttle unnecessarily from one place to another. Moreover, they were scared to explain their problem to the doctors.

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