Private sector initiatives

The private sector has a key role to play in the prevention of trafficking in persons as traffickers cannot operate on a large scale without legitimate businesses. Examples highlighted by BEST (Businesses Ending Slavery and Trafficking) are: traffickers advertising their victims on websites and taking them to hotels for sexual exploitation; traffickers using airlines and ports to transport victims; and traffickers using banks for their financial transactions (BEST, Washington Engage and End Human Trafficking Now, n.d.). Also, due to a lack of awareness or a lack of anti-trafficking protocols, employees of legitimate business have difficulties recognising or preventing trafficking in persons, or do not know how to respond when recognised. As outlined below, there are a number of private sector initiatives that aim to address these issues. Less common are government anti-trafficking measures aimed at the private sector (e.g. the “California Transparency in Supply Chains Act” of 2010).

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