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A short course of lectures
«Strategic Management in the 21st Century. Theories of Strategic Management»

A LOOKAHEADADDITIONAL UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY RECOGNITIONLiterature Related to Growth and ResourcesDealing with Complexities: The Role of Management FrameworksPromoting Responsible BehaviorThe Competitive Advantage of Strategic Alliances: Companies Profiting from Partnerships with Competing and Noncompeting CompaniesTransaction Cost EconomicsNOTESSTRATEGIC ENTREPRENEURSHIPA Framework for Major Theories of Business StrategyDRAWBACKS OF ALLIANCESAbout the Editors and ContributorsTHE EVOLUTION OF STRATEGIC MANAGEMENTINTERLUDE: FOUR ARENAS ANALYSISEnforcementOVERVIEW OF TRUSTTHE 5PS MODEL BY PRYOR, WHITE, AND TOOMBSWhy Study Theories of Business Strategy?POSITIONING WITHIN THE ORGANIZATIONAL CONTEXTGame TheoryNOTESManaging Organizational Trust in the 21st Century: A Pragmatic Approach to Trust Development, Maintenance, and RepairSOME MANAGEMENT FRAMEWORKS WORK BETTER THAN OTHERSOptions and Strategic ManagementEnforcing Integrity StandardsHistorical Development and Overview of Strategy TheoryStrategic ConflictMiles and Snow TypologyEstablishing Integrity StandardsRESOURCE-BASED THEORIES OF BUSINESS STRATEGYRecapFrom "Quest for Value" to Quest for ValuesTransaction Cost EconomicsWHAT ARE TRANSACTION COSTS?Resources and Dynamic Capabilities: The Foundations of Competitive AdvantageGrowth and Stock Value CreationExamples of Intrapreneurial ActivitiesStrategic Integrity Management as a Dynamic CapabilityMarketMarket PowerRarityNegotiatingTrust RepairEVOLUTION OF ALLIANCESPRACTICAL GUIDANCEResources Part 3: Resources Developed Internally versus Acquired versus SharedRISK ACCEPTANCEIndustrial Organization (IO) TheoryNOTESUNIQUE VALUEAPPENDIX: LITERATURE REVIEWTHE FIRST DIMENSION OF SVM: PROFITS DRIVEN BY COMPETITIONTHE THIRD DIMENSION OF SVM, CAPITAL DRIVEN BY RESOURCESContractingBureaucracyA BRIEF HISTORYThe Deep Pockets ArenaResources Part 2: Unique, Inimitable and Rare Resources to Boost Market Power and InnovationTHE TOWARD PERFORMANCE EXCELLENCE FRAMEWORKCHARACTERISTICS OF SUCCESSFUL ENTREPRENEURSTrainingUNCERTAINTYInformation Asymmetry and ImpactednessValuableENTREPRENEURSHIP VERSUS INTRAPRENEURSHIPManagerial ImplicationsTakeawaysSVM'S APPLICATION TO SUSTAINABILITYDecision MakingThe Timing and Know-How ArenaThree-Dimensional View of Product-Market DecisionsMODIFIERSREAL OPTION VALUATIONMANAGEMENT IMPLICATIONSWal-Mart: A Classic Success StoryThe Age of Temporary AdvantageSTRATEGIC ENTREPRENEURSHIP— CONCEPTUAL FRAMEWORKSSources of Firms' Economic PerformanceStrategy TheoriesIndependent, Internal AssuranceELEMENTS AND CORE ACTIVITIES OF AN EFFECTIVE INTEGRITY AND COMPLIANCE PROGRAMCOMPETITION-BASED THEORIES OF BUSINESS STRATEGYMonitoringHybridMANAGEMENT FRAMEWORKS OVERVIEWNeoclassical TheoryKnowledge-Based View (KBV)Integrating Values and Integrity StandardsOrganized to be ExploitedComplianceResponsible LeadershipBASIC PRINCIPLES FOR AN EFFECTIVE INTEGRITY MANAGEMENT PROGRAMNOTESThe Disruption of HypercompetitionMANAGING ALLIANCES WITH COMPETITORS AND NONCOMPETITORSThe Timing and Know-How ArenaACCENTURE'S ADVANCED PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONCoordinationSustained Competitive AdvantageENTREPRENEURSHIP EXTENDS ITS INFLUENCE— THE RISE OF THE SOCIAL ENTREPRENEUROrganizational ResourcesLiterature Related to Entry Barriers as Components of Market PowerOpportunistic BehaviorTHE ENTREPRENEUR AND THE NOTION OF VISIONThe Resource-Based View (RBV)INPUT MARKET ADVANTAGESTakeawaysITERATIVE INVESTMENT AND COMMITMENTPolaroid: A Classic Case of Strategic FailureA LOOK BACKHow Governance Structure Is ChosenTHE SECOND DIMENSION OF SVM: SALES GROWTH-DRIVEN INNOVATIONTHE FOUNDATIONS OF THE RESOURCE-BASED VIEWTransparencyDifficult to Imitate and NonsubstitutableLiterature Related to Models to Measure a Firm's Economic PerformanceWhistle-BlowingTakeawaysStrategic Value Management: A New Generation of Strategic Management ThinkingFIVE REASONS TO INVEST IN AN INTEGRITY MANAGEMENT PROGRAMTHE PROCESS OF ENTREPRENEURSHIPInnovation and Resources StrategiesTrustworthinessTYPES OF ENTREPRENEURS: A CATEGORIZATIONSOME HISTORY OF ECONOMIC THEORIES UNDERLYING ENTREPRENEURSHIPNOTESThe Strongholds ArenaStrategy and Entrepreneurship—A Discussion of Strategic EntrepreneursUncertaintySchumpeterian VisionTrust and ReputationHierarchyLITERATURE REVIEWMonitoringClassical Capitalist Economic TheoryStrategic ManagersUNIQUE DISCOUNT RATESCompetitive ForcesResource-Based View (RBV)INDUSTRY-BASED FOUNDATIONS OF BUSINESS STRATEGYLiterature Related to Concentration as a Proxy of Market PowerLiterature Related to Market Power and ResourcesCRITICAL DIMENSIONSTrust DevelopmentThe Strongholds ArenaTakeawaysHOW COSTS ARE CREATEDGovernanceTHE SPIDER CHARTAgency TheoryIRREVERSIBILITYResources Part 1: Physical versus Intellectual CapitalGeneric Competitive StrategiesTHE BALANCED SCORECARD AND STRATEGY MAPSDynamic CapabilitiesThe Cost-Quality ArenaStrategic DecisionsThe Mind of an Entrepreneur—Timmons' WorkINTEGRATING ENTREPRENEURSHIP WITH STRATEGYEvolving Views of EntrepreneurshipPERCEIVED VALUE AND BENCHMARKINGSocial Entrepreneurs—Past and PresentMonitoring and ReportingAPPROACHES TO STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT: HISTORY TO PRESENTThe Deep Pockets ArenaLiterature Related to Intellectual CapitalNOTESHypercompetition in the 21st Century: A Look Back and a Look ForwardThe Link between Stock Value Creation and Strategic ManagementApplying the VRINO FrameworkTrust MaintenanceCONCLUDING THOUGHTSStevenson's Six DimensionsThe Product-Market Growth MatrixAsset SpecificitySmall Numbers ExchangeLimitations of Product-Market-Based Views of Business StrategyMCKINSEY 7S MODELTHE SOURCE OF CORPORATE INTEGRITY ISSUESRisk PreferenceSTRATEGY AND STRATEGIC MANAGEMENTSearchBASIC PRINCIPLES FOR AN ORGANIZATIONAL SET-UP OF AN INTEGRITY AND COMPLIANCE DEPARTMENTBounded RationalityCompetitive Dynamics TheoryNOTESMOTIVATIONS FOR ENTERING INTO A STRATEGIC ALLIANCETransaction FrequencyTHE SIX PERFORMANCE DRIVERSMajor Theories of Business StrategyROUTINES AND CAPABILITIESSVM FOR A GOVERNMENT AGENCY, ARMED FORCES, NONPROFIT ORGANIZATIONSEVOLUTION OF THEORIES IN STRATEGIC MANAGEMENTTPE IMPLEMENTATIONNOTESFuture Directions in Business Strategy Theoretical DevelopmentINFLUENCING THE ENTREPRENEURIAL ENGAGEMENT—A MOTIVATIONAL ASPECTTHE VRINO FRAMEWORKPRODUCT-MARKET-BASED VIEWS OF BUSINESS STRATEGYA PORTFOLIO OF OPTIONS VERSUS AN OPTION ON A PORTFOLIOCharacteristics of Entrepreneurs—Bygrave's WorkThe Cost-Quality ArenaEmotional AttachmentBACKGROUNDLiterature Related to How to Measure a Firm's Economic Performance, and Its Connection with Industry and Firm's FactorsEarly Concepts of StrategyTHE DYNAMIC CAPABILITIES PERSPECTIVENOTES
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