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A short course of lectures
«Strategic Management in the 21st Century. Theories of Strategic Management»

GovernanceNOTESClassical Capitalist Economic TheoryREAL OPTION VALUATIONEarly Concepts of StrategyADDITIONAL UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY RECOGNITIONOpportunistic BehaviorMODIFIERSTakeawaysNOTESSearchApplying the VRINO FrameworkTakeawaysINTERLUDE: FOUR ARENAS ANALYSISStevenson's Six DimensionsNOTESStrategy TheoriesCHARACTERISTICS OF SUCCESSFUL ENTREPRENEURSExamples of Intrapreneurial ActivitiesPRODUCT-MARKET-BASED VIEWS OF BUSINESS STRATEGYHOW COSTS ARE CREATEDENTREPRENEURSHIP VERSUS INTRAPRENEURSHIPMANAGEMENT IMPLICATIONSTransaction Cost EconomicsACCENTURE'S ADVANCED PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONFrom "Quest for Value" to Quest for ValuesAsset SpecificityAPPENDIX: LITERATURE REVIEWInformation Asymmetry and ImpactednessTakeawaysComplianceTakeawaysDecision MakingDRAWBACKS OF ALLIANCESLiterature Related to Growth and ResourcesUNCERTAINTYResources Part 2: Unique, Inimitable and Rare Resources to Boost Market Power and InnovationRecapThe Deep Pockets ArenaWhistle-BlowingStrategic DecisionsCompetitive Dynamics TheoryFIVE REASONS TO INVEST IN AN INTEGRITY MANAGEMENT PROGRAMEVOLUTION OF THEORIES IN STRATEGIC MANAGEMENTMajor Theories of Business StrategyLiterature Related to Intellectual CapitalOptions and Strategic ManagementCONCLUDING THOUGHTSOrganizational ResourcesHierarchyITERATIVE INVESTMENT AND COMMITMENTTHE FOUNDATIONS OF THE RESOURCE-BASED VIEWCharacteristics of Entrepreneurs—Bygrave's WorkTPE IMPLEMENTATIONMarket PowerGrowth and Stock Value CreationSVM FOR A GOVERNMENT AGENCY, ARMED FORCES, NONPROFIT ORGANIZATIONSTrust MaintenanceThe Age of Temporary AdvantageA BRIEF HISTORYEVOLUTION OF ALLIANCESMCKINSEY 7S MODELResources Part 3: Resources Developed Internally versus Acquired versus SharedSources of Firms' Economic PerformanceDynamic CapabilitiesThe Resource-Based View (RBV)The Disruption of HypercompetitionFuture Directions in Business Strategy Theoretical DevelopmentRaritySOME HISTORY OF ECONOMIC THEORIES UNDERLYING ENTREPRENEURSHIPTrustworthinessBureaucracyTHE EVOLUTION OF STRATEGIC MANAGEMENTTHE SOURCE OF CORPORATE INTEGRITY ISSUESResources and Dynamic Capabilities: The Foundations of Competitive AdvantageTrainingTrust DevelopmentThe Strongholds ArenaNOTESLiterature Related to How to Measure a Firm's Economic Performance, and Its Connection with Industry and Firm's FactorsPolaroid: A Classic Case of Strategic FailureThe Cost-Quality ArenaINTEGRATING ENTREPRENEURSHIP WITH STRATEGYSTRATEGIC ENTREPRENEURSHIPThe Timing and Know-How ArenaKnowledge-Based View (KBV)Three-Dimensional View of Product-Market DecisionsTransaction Cost EconomicsINFLUENCING THE ENTREPRENEURIAL ENGAGEMENT—A MOTIVATIONAL ASPECTTHE TOWARD PERFORMANCE EXCELLENCE FRAMEWORKContractingResource-Based View (RBV)Trust RepairValuableGame TheoryUNIQUE DISCOUNT RATESMonitoringMOTIVATIONS FOR ENTERING INTO A STRATEGIC ALLIANCETHE 5PS MODEL BY PRYOR, WHITE, AND TOOMBSResources Part 1: Physical versus Intellectual CapitalStrategic ConflictCOMPETITION-BASED THEORIES OF BUSINESS STRATEGYUNIQUE VALUEHypercompetition in the 21st Century: A Look Back and a Look ForwardBASIC PRINCIPLES FOR AN EFFECTIVE INTEGRITY MANAGEMENT PROGRAMTYPES OF ENTREPRENEURS: A CATEGORIZATIONIRREVERSIBILITYTHE SECOND DIMENSION OF SVM: SALES GROWTH-DRIVEN INNOVATIONThe Competitive Advantage of Strategic Alliances: Companies Profiting from Partnerships with Competing and Noncompeting CompaniesSmall Numbers ExchangeLimitations of Product-Market-Based Views of Business StrategyStrategic Value Management: A New Generation of Strategic Management ThinkingTHE BALANCED SCORECARD AND STRATEGY MAPSHow Governance Structure Is ChosenENTREPRENEURSHIP EXTENDS ITS INFLUENCE— THE RISE OF THE SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURMANAGEMENT FRAMEWORKS OVERVIEWTHE DYNAMIC CAPABILITIES PERSPECTIVEA LOOKAHEADCoordinationWhy Study Theories of Business Strategy?INDUSTRY-BASED FOUNDATIONS OF BUSINESS STRATEGYSocial Entrepreneurs—Past and PresentA Framework for Major Theories of Business StrategyNOTESMonitoring and ReportingAbout the Editors and ContributorsMonitoringELEMENTS AND CORE ACTIVITIES OF AN EFFECTIVE INTEGRITY AND COMPLIANCE PROGRAMDealing with Complexities: The Role of Management FrameworksAgency TheoryEnforcing Integrity StandardsSOME MANAGEMENT FRAMEWORKS WORK BETTER THAN OTHERSUncertaintyResponsible LeadershipNOTESTHE THIRD DIMENSION OF SVM, CAPITAL DRIVEN BY RESOURCESINPUT MARKET ADVANTAGESTHE SPIDER CHARTHistorical Development and Overview of Strategy TheoryMarketStrategic ManagersTransaction FrequencyLiterature Related to Concentration as a Proxy of Market PowerThe Product-Market Growth MatrixPOSITIONING WITHIN THE ORGANIZATIONAL CONTEXTIndustrial Organization (IO) TheoryPERCEIVED VALUE AND BENCHMARKINGPRACTICAL GUIDANCEEnforcementInnovation and Resources StrategiesThe Link between Stock Value Creation and Strategic ManagementNOTESPromoting Responsible BehaviorLiterature Related to Models to Measure a Firm's Economic PerformanceThe Mind of an Entrepreneur—Timmons' WorkNeoclassical TheoryOrganized to be ExploitedTHE SIX PERFORMANCE DRIVERSLiterature Related to Entry Barriers as Components of Market PowerLITERATURE REVIEWStrategy and Entrepreneurship—A Discussion of Strategic EntrepreneursAPPROACHES TO STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT: HISTORY TO PRESENTWHAT ARE TRANSACTION COSTS?THE FIRST DIMENSION OF SVM: PROFITS DRIVEN BY COMPETITIONNOTESRISK ACCEPTANCEOVERVIEW OF TRUSTNOTESIntegrating Values and Integrity StandardsA PORTFOLIO OF OPTIONS VERSUS AN OPTION ON A PORTFOLIOStrategic Integrity Management as a Dynamic CapabilitySVM'S APPLICATION TO SUSTAINABILITYROUTINES AND CAPABILITIESTrust and ReputationRisk PreferenceManagerial ImplicationsThe Deep Pockets ArenaBASIC PRINCIPLES FOR AN ORGANIZATIONAL SET-UP OF AN INTEGRITY AND COMPLIANCE DEPARTMENTSchumpeterian VisionMANAGING ALLIANCES WITH COMPETITORS AND NONCOMPETITORSWal-Mart: A Classic Success StorySTRATEGIC ENTREPRENEURSHIP— CONCEPTUAL FRAMEWORKSThe Cost-Quality ArenaTHE PROCESS OF ENTREPRENEURSHIPTransparencyA LOOK BACKRESOURCE-BASED THEORIES OF BUSINESS STRATEGYManaging Organizational Trust in the 21st Century: A Pragmatic Approach to Trust Development, Maintenance, and RepairDifficult to Imitate and NonsubstitutableEmotional AttachmentThe Strongholds ArenaMiles and Snow TypologyEvolving Views of EntrepreneurshipTHE ENTREPRENEUR AND THE NOTION OF VISIONSTRATEGY AND STRATEGIC MANAGEMENTCRITICAL DIMENSIONSBACKGROUNDGeneric Competitive StrategiesBounded RationalityLiterature Related to Market Power and ResourcesCompetitive ForcesSustained Competitive AdvantageEstablishing Integrity StandardsTHE VRINO FRAMEWORKThe Timing and Know-How ArenaHybridNegotiatingIndependent, Internal Assurance
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