An Intention to Move from an Emphasis on Mathematics Towards Mathematics Education

With the new century came a new directive that promoted moving from that which is discipline specific (i.e. Mathematics) towards Pedagogy, in the new Mathematics teacher preparation programs. This directive, combined with an intense academic dynamic in the Mathematics Education community in the 1990s, promoted the opening of important discussions on the teacher preparation curriculum guided by Mathematics Education discourse. This generated a certain "territorial rivalry” among those in charge of the mathematical preparation and those in charge of Mathematics pedagogical knowledge, in which general humanistic discourse was displaced or diminished. This place for Mathematics Education was nourished by curricular dispositions consecrated for the school Mathematics proposed by the

MEN (Colombia 1998, 2006). Thus, the Curricular Guidelines (Colombia 1998) declared that school Mathematics and Mathematics Education are disciplinary fields of the Mathematics teacher. It was established that the Basic Competency Standards for Mathematics (Colombia 2006) “...constitute a guide for: ... the formulation of programs and projects, for the initial preparation of teachers, as well as for the evaluation of in-service teachers” (p. 11).

By the end of the first decade of this new century a new normative component, the introduction of the language of basic and professional competencies for teachers, was added that brought further tension to the duality in teacher preparation. It was intended to contribute to a clearer definition of the place that professional educators had in society and the contemporary requirements that were imposed upon them by society.

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