The Need to Educate in and for the Use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)

Perhaps the first reference to the need to include aspects relative to the use of ICT can be found in the Guidelines (Colombia 1998). In that document there is a summary of the relationship between technology and curriculum, and a mention that the effective use of new technologies in education is a field that requires research, development and teacher preparation. To develop this idea, the MEN published a document specifically on the relationship between technology and curriculum (Castiblanco et al. 1999). It also supported a large project called “The Incorporation of New Technologies in the Mathematics Curriculum of Lower and Upper Secondary Education in Colombia” (Castiblanco et al. 2004). That project had various effects on initial Mathematics teacher preparation programs. Some preparation programs developed complementary activities to existing courses in which the importance and the possibilities of the incorporation of technology into educational environments were considered. Other programs incorporated courses on the use of technology either as a means of developing the learning necessary to be a teacher or as instruments to promote innovative student teaching experiences.

In the second decade of the century, the Bachelor’s Degree programs are facing the challenge to develop basic competencies so that graduates will use information and communication media and technologies in responsible ways, and understand the opportunities, implications and risks in using them in collaborative work and in participation in virtual communities. Nevertheless, the curricular implications that this will have on initial Mathematics teacher preparation programs in not known.

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