Doctoral Programs

The country recognizes four doctoral programs in Education and Social Sciences:

  • • The Inter-Institutional Doctorate in Education11 with an Emphasis in Mathematics Education with various lines of research: History and Epistemology of Mathematics, Language and Mathematical Reasoning in the Classroom, Language and Mathematics Didactics, Semiotic Processes in Geometry, the Transition from Arithmetic to Algebra, and Mathematics Didactics.
  • • The Rudecolombia[1] [2] doctorate. This program has an emphasis in Teaching of Sciences and a course in Mathematics Education at the University of Quindio.
  • • The Doctorate in Education with an Emphasis in Mathematics Teaching at the University of Antioquia, in which there are emphases in Statistical Education and socio-cultural perspectives on Mathematics Education, among others.
  • • The Doctorate in Social Sciences, Childhood and Youth (not specifically Education), offered by the University of Manizales and CINDE, in which there have been dissertations on Mathematics Education.

  • [1] nA program developed by the University of Valle, the National Pedagogical University, and theDistrict University “Francisco Jose de Caldas”.
  • [2] A network made up of the universities of Atlantico, Cartagena, Cauca, Caldas, Magdalena,Narino, Quindio, Tolima, the Technological of Pereira, and the Pedagogical and Technological ofColombia.
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