The Reform of Mauro Fernandez

Between 1885 and 1888 there was a liberal educational reform that brought important changes in improving and centralizing public education. Elementary, secondary and university education were organized. Along with this, the management and supervision of elementary education passed to the Ministry of Public Education (Barrantes and Ruiz 1995a).

The Normal School of Costa Rica

According to Barrantes and Ruiz (1995a), with the founding of this Normal School in 1914, a new national phase of education began with respect to teacher preparation. This institution was the center of cultural and educational life in the country until the establishment of the University of Costa Rica (UCR).[1] It developed new programs of study between 1925 and 1926 (Barrantes and Ruiz 1995b).

The Creation of the University of Costa Rica

In 1940 the University of Costa Rica was created with a School of Pedagogy that was charged with preparing Elementary teachers (Barrantes and Ruiz 1995c).

The Constitution of 1949 established the structure of cycles of education. According to Barrantes and Ruiz (1995a), the professional preparation for teaching secondary Mathematics began in 1959 when UCR began to offer a Teaching degree (profesorado) in Physics and Mathematics. In 1966 that program was separated into a Teaching degree in Physics and one in Mathematics. In 1968 the Upper Normal School was created. Among its objectives was the preparation of upper secondary Mathematics teachers (cited by Ruiz et al. 2009), but the program did not last long.

  • [1] In Appendix there is a detailed list of the acronyms used in this report.
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