Teacher Professional Development for Secondary Education

The priorities and guidelines from the MEP are usually planned through the IDP-UGS. Its structure is mainly administrative and, although it does have professionals in some areas, they are not enough to meet the needs in all regions of the country. Therefore this process has been carried by individuals with professional services contracts and since 2006 has been planned in Plan 200.

In March of 2010, the MEP gave Mathematics teachers a diagnostic test and generated a Project to offer them professional development. The results were low with only 43 % showing a proficiency with secondary Mathematics.[1] The public universities UNA, UCR, TEC and UNED were contracted to provide the professional development (with an agreement Conare-MEP-Mathematics). An interuniversity commission was created and the first course was offered in the spring semester of 2010 (approximately 50 % of the secondary teachers who took the test were invited to participate). The participation included 841 secondary teachers in 41 distinct groups in 24 educational regions. A second course was planned for the first semester of 2011, but the MEP pulled its financial support and the agreement terminated.

In 2011, the nature of all the professional development for elementary and secondary teachers, offered by the MEP, changed drastically with the profound Mathematics curricular reform in all of pre-university education.

  • [1] Data updated in 2014.
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