Professional Development in Events Sponsored by Universities and Mathematics Education Associations

Faced with the weaknesses in the continuing preparation offered by the MEP prior to 2010, various academic events became an alternative so that teachers (essentially secondary) could increase their preparation (although in a disorganized way and without a strategic perspective). Since the 1990s the events with the longest tradition are the Costa Rican Symposia on Mathematics, Science and Society (the first was held in 1993 and the 25th in 2012). These symposia have been organized by UCR’s Meta-Mathematics Research Program in collaboration with other institutions. Other events:

  • • The International Mathematics Festival organized by the Foundation of the National Center for Science and Technology, that was initiated in 1998 and has been held eight times.
  • • The International Congress on Computer-Assisted Teaching of Mathematics of the TEC (eight events have been held since 1999).
  • • The Meeting on Teaching Mathematics of the Mathematics Teaching Program of UNED’s School of Exact and Natural Sciences (four have been held since 2006).
  • • The Meeting on Teaching Statistics, Probability and Data Analysis (three held since 2009).
  • • At a regional level: the Provincial Meeting on Mathematics Education, organized by MEP’s regional Mathematics advisers and UNA in Guanacaste with support from UNA (since 2011).

In Costa Rica there is also a Mathematics Education Association that, although it has no more than 30 members, has generated various activities for teacher professional development.

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