There are no mechanisms of support and selection in place in the universities with teacher preparation programs to be able to attract future teachers from among upper secondary graduates with the strongest academic backgrounds. The State and society do not grant teacher preparation programs sufficient self-supervision and control.

The universities that prepare Elementary teachers do not produce professionals with an appropriate mathematical preparation to achieve high standards in the teaching of this subject. Linked to this, the secondary Mathematics teacher preparation programs do not articulate the pedagogy and Mathematics courses very well. The programs do not present international Mathematics Education experiences and results, and are disconnected from classroom practice.

The State, the country’s main employer of teachers, does not have clear professional profiles nor does it use adequate processes for hiring quality Mathematics teachers. The working conditions do not permit specific times during the work day for continuing preparation, classroom research and shared governance processes for improving teaching.

There is a lack of national strategic plans that integrate the different institutions (the MEP, universities, unions) to offer professional development for in-service teachers.

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