From the End of the Occupation by the United States of America to the Dictatorship of Rafael Trujillo (1924-1961)

In this stage, the teaching force and secondary schools were reorganized, and untrained teachers were given tests so they could be formally accredited as teachers. The principles of the “New School” were established with the help of a “Chilean Mission” supervised by the Secretariat of Education. In turn, new Normal Schools were converted into centers specialized in teacher preparation. Also, new programs were established for elementary, intermediate and secondary schools.

In 1951, a law was enacted related to public schools that required elementary teachers to be graduates of a Normal School, and that secondary teachers had to have a Bachelor’s Degree or doctorate.

From the Birth of Democracy to Today

This period has seen the diversification of secondary education and the universities began to prepare secondary teachers. Massive programs for the professional development of in-service elementary teachers were carried out. An Inter-University Agreement (UASD, UCMM, UNPHU, SEEBAC y UNESCO) was signed for secondary teacher preparation. This agreement led universities to create departments or schools of Education to prepare teachers in different areas. Several new programs were established: a Ten-Year Plan with new regulations for education, the Program for the Development of Elementary Education (PRODPE), an elementary teacher preparation program in the Salome Urena de Henriquez Teacher Preparation Institute (INFODOSU), and for secondary teachers by the universities under the supervision of the National Institute for the Preparation and Professional Development of Teachers (INAFOCAM).

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