Research in Mathematics Education

In 2008 the Dominican Institute for Evaluation and Research on the Quality of Education (IDEICE) was created by the National Council of Education using Ordinance 03-2008 based on the General Law of Education 66-97. IDIECE is a decentralized public institution, affiliated with the MINERD, of a technical nature dedicated to Educational Research.

However, it should be pointed out that given its recent creation the number of published research reports is still small. In reality there are no local doctoral programs that encourage research. Currently only three universities have doctoral programs, one public and two private.

Other research is carried out by INAFOCAM. Its team of researchers continuously monitors the preparation programs that it finances as well as other studies on teacher preparation in the Dominican Republic.

In 2003, the Evaluation and Educational Research Consortium (CEIE) was created by the Mother and Teacher Pontifical Catholic University (PUCMM), the State University of New York, and the Santo Domingo Institute of Technology. CEIE carried out the Monitoring and Evaluation Study of the Quality of Education in the Dominican Republic. It followed a population of 26,000 students in grades 38 for three years to evaluate their performance in Mathematics and reading comprehension.

Beginning in 2006, PUCMM, with support from the U.S. Agency of International Development (USAID), provided a program of professional development to more than 4000 teachers in the north of the country and one area of Santo Domingo. This program, mentioned above, included a component of Monitoring and Evaluation in which the knowledge that the teachers needed to teach the Mathematics was tested by having them take the same tests that their students took at the end of each school year. The results were used to determine needed teacher professional development and to study the impact of teacher mathematical knowledge as an explanation of student performance.

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