• • Increase access to upper secondary education.
  • • Provide opportunities for talented youths to become Mathematics teachers. Structure policies that attract talented youths to the teaching profession, particularly to Mathematics teaching.
  • • Improve the teacher preparation programs in the Institutions of Higher Education. Provide oversight to ensure that programs fulfill the standards set by the MESCYT and MINERD.
  • • Improve the quality of those who work in teacher preparation. Create solid Master’s and doctoral programs to prepare Mathematics teachers at the highest level.
  • • Create professional development programs for in-service Mathematics teachers at all levels of the system.
  • • Make a commitment to have better teachers in the Institutions of Higher Education that offer such programs.
  • • Identify excellent textbooks for Mathematics.
  • • Improve the teacher compensation system.
  • • Increase the use of Information and Communications Technologies in the teaching-learning of Mathematics.
  • • Prepare the needed number of strong Mathematics teachers that will permit learning opportunities to be offered to 95 % of Dominican children and youth at all levels.
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