Entities in Charge of Graduate Education

The universities that offer graduate programs that lead to degrees in Mathematics Education are:

  • (a) Preparation leading to Specializations: USB, the University of Valle of Momboy (UVM) and the National Experimental University Francisco de Miranda (UNEFM).
  • (b) Preparation leading to a Master’s: UPEL,1 LUZ, UDO, UC, UNEG and the National Experimental University Romulo Gallegos (UNERG).
  • (c) Preparation leading to a Doctorate: in the UPEL, specifically the Pedagogical Institute of Maracay has initiated a doctorate in Mathematics Education in 2003.

Content, Methodologies and the Populations in Graduate Mathematics Education

The graduate programs in Mathematics Education emphasize mathematical contents, disconnected from contents related to teaching. They offer traditional face to face classes, except in the case of the USB which has virtual classes. These programs are for individuals who have degree as teachers of Mathematics or degrees in :In the Pedagogical Institutes at Caracas, Maracay, Maturin and Barquisimeto.

Pure Mathematics. An exception is the UPEL where Elementary teachers and other professional who teach Mathematics can apply and be accepted to these programs.

The Doctorate in Mathematics Education emphasizes the preparation of researchers and the generation of theories concerning Mathematics Education.

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