The Relation Preparation-Research

In the undergraduate teacher preparation programs of study there is no research component. However, Resolution N° 1 expresses foundations and features in the profile of future teachers that makes it necessary to cultivate reflection and action as the starting point for transforming the teaching and learning process and for fostering professional development. That is, the goal is to prepare teachers that base their practice on action research and employ research in their own continuous self-preparation. This is derived from permanent reflection as the catalyzing agent of inquiry and searching.

This preparation for research is carried out in courses in which theoretical-conceptual aspects of educational research are studied. Students design and carry out a research project. It is usually with an action research design to explore problematical situation in a specific educational context.

In theory, the relationship between teacher preparation and research is understood in a dual manner. On the one hand, it is thought of as preparing the future teacher to do research. On the other hand, it is considered that the preparation will be realized through research, intending that the future Mathematics teacher will develop certain research competencies. However, in the initial preparation at both the Elementary and Secondary levels, the emphasis is on the first of the two aspects mentioned above, but the preparation is not developed in a research environment.

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