The Innovation Begins in National Junior College: A Case Study

The Genesis

Every school sets its vision, values, philosophy, aims and intended outcomes which, in turn, inform its strategic plans and policy. Prior to 2002, National Junior College (NJC) was a school which ran a 2-year pre-university ‘A’ level programme for high ability students. When it received approval for its proposal in 2002, NJC had the opportunity to create and implement a programme which enabled them to fulfil their vision, values and philosophy of holistic schooling. By 2004, NJC was ready to initiate a 4-year integrated programme (IP) and enrolled high ability students who were 15 years of age. In 2009, the benefits of the 4-year IP were enhanced when the Ministry of Education approved the NJC’s programme to be extended to 6 years. The radically redesigned new 6-year IP would benefit students from age 13 as it provided the crucial time and platform for a sustained programme that will develop students into persons who would possess excellent character, sound leadership and a strong sense of service to the school and nation.

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