Issues and Challenges Selection of Teachers

Given the high expectations and heavy demands of the programme, the identification of forward-looking, enthusiastic and innovative teachers who are flexible and adaptable to the new curriculum and the teaching approaches was challenging. Identification of such teachers is important as the school needed a mix of experienced and beginning teachers.

Curriculum Design and Development

For the ‘integrated’ curriculum as well as the special programmes, there were no precedents to follow. While the overall framework has been completed, there was only enough time in the first year to detail, field-test and review the syllabi and scheme of work for the first year of the IP, i.e. IP1/JH1. Detailed syllabi and scheme of works for the second year (or IP2/JH2) and thereafter were developed, field- tested and reviewed as they progressed. A major challenge for and an expectation of teachers in the IP were to function as teachers and curriculum and programme designers concomitantly. When these requirements were placed in the context of implementing an entirely new programme with its fair share of operational issues, there was no doubt that heavy demands, amidst high expectations, would have been placed on them.

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