Teaching Load

In order to design and deliver innovative and effective lesson plans and activities based on concept-based and differentiated curriculum, the IP teachers needed the space and time to do so. Again, there was the need to consider the teaching load for all IP teachers.


An important factor that had to be addressed for staffing was the need for more staff as the IP teachers had to take charge of curriculum and programme design and development for the subsequent years over and above functioning in the capacity of teachers at the same time. Also, to ensure continuity and adequacy in the design and development of the IP curriculum for the subsequent years, the deployment of teachers was critical. Fortunately, this was provided for by the MOE as a start-up resource for IP schools for the first 3 years. This helped them drive the curriculum design and development for the subsequent years.

Selection of Students

Given the rigour of the school’s selection process, the identification and selection of students was an increasingly demanding undertaking every year. Teachers and support staff needed to manage the administration of the admission applications, tests and the interviews, which was a 6-month process.

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